Tips for Traveling to Mexico

mexico flag

Traveling to a new country brings and overwhelming joy and can also act as an emotional challenge if you haven’t planned for it properly. Mexican peso is what you have to exchange before flying here. Here are some more trips which will help you in exploring most out of Mexico and have dozens of fun.

Don’t discount to explore

Exploring Mexico in raw format is the best thing to do. So on a fine day just get ready and head out to explore the stunning beaches, deserted plains, landscapes and seascapes too. It has embraced so much that you don’t need to chalk out the entire itinerary before you head out for the day.

The natural attractions here are astonishing and diverse and thus it will always be something amazing and savouring for your taste of exploring. So when you are in Mexico just head out and start exploring is the prime tip! Just to add on, it has 34 heritage sites as declared by UNESCO.

Linen & cotton will be your best friends

Mexico is a country which stays hot and humid all year around. So carry breathable set of clothes with yourself. Fabric line cotton and linen will serve as saviours as they will protect you in case of climbing temperatures. Avoid synthetics completely as they trap heat and will make your tour uncomfortable as Mexico is more about exploring under the sun.

Getting around in Mexico

In Mexico you won’t have to worry about modes of commuting as there is wide range of transportation modes to keep you going. Public transport in Mexico is inexpensive but can be little difficult for you if you don’t know Spanish. Bus travel, shuttles and metro have great connectivity but you can hire a taxi or cab also as they are also pretty affordable. Just make sure you learn few common words in Spanish for travelling in public transport. Even if you don’t, local people are quite friendly and they will help you in guiding.

Shop around

There is much more in Mexico to shop than Tequila and coffee. Some of the examples would be unique souvenirs, handicrafts, pottery, leather products, blankets and spices and much more items to shop here. So buy these small gifts as a memory of your trip and take some for your family and friends too! And a secret tip, don’t forget to negotiate and bargain in local market! J

Safety is in your own hands:

Crime is spread all around the globe and thus no matter in which part of world are you traveling, you have to take safety measures. As a tourist you may be targeted for theft in Mexico hence you should make sure that you have scanned copy of all your travel documents including your passport in your email.

Also, you should keep the international number of credit card provider handy and should also carry some cash. If you want to withdraw money from ATM, make sure you do it from ATM’s in malls or stores.