Top 10 Beach Essentials

beach gear

Let’s start this blog off with a classic “Top 10” list …

Sun Point Travel loves the beach! But a trip to the beach can be ruined if you don’t bring all of the essentials. You have to remember to bring all the necessary items to ensure you have the most fun possible during your visit to the beach.

This list covers the Top 10 Beach Essentials everyone should remember for their trip to the beach:

1. Sunscreen

The #1 reason a trip to the beach can turn into a bad time fast is if you forget to bring sunscreen. A sunburn is a recipe for a bad beach trip. We recommend bringing a sunscreen with a high SPF that will allow you to stay and have more fun for an even longer time.

2. Hats

We recommend hats for the same reason we recommend sunscreen. No one wants a sunburn during or after their trip to the beach. A hat will protect your face from the sun and your ears to if the hat has a wide brim. The hat will also shade your eyes from the bright sun so you can see clearly.

3. Beach Towels

You need somewhere to return to and lie down after your swim in the ocean. We recommend one towel for each person so everyone in your group can stretch out on their own towel and relax. You can bring an extra-wide towel for even more space to lounge.

4. Beach Chairs

We recommend bringing a beach chair or two too. You might want to sit up to read a book or have a conversation and a comfortable beach chair is often better for this than just a beach towel.

5. Book/Magazine

A day at the beach is not complete without a good book or magazine to enjoy. We recommend bringing both! Catch up on a chapter or two of your novel and then read one or two articles from your favorite entertainment or news magazine.

6. Radio

You can jam out during your beach visit with a radio or music from your smartphone or mobile device. You should play your music loud enough for you to enjoy but not too loud for it to bother other beachgoers. Perhaps bring some headphones too if you really want to turn up the volume.

7. Games

Relaxing on the beach is fun but a trip to the sun and sand is even better if you bring a Frisbee or volleyball along too. We recommend seeing if other people on the beach want to join your game with you. The more the merrier!

8. Water

Be sure to bring a lot of water with you to the beach. You don’t want to become dehydrated after several hours in the sun. Bring some bottles of water or fill up a cooler with ice and water for your group.

9. Snacks

All the fun and games of the beach is going to make you hungry. You should bring a light snack with you if you go in-between meals or pack a lunch and spend the entire afternoon on the beach.

10. Change of Cloths

You will want to change into clean fresh clothes when it is time to pack up your things and return to your car to head home or back to your hotel.

We hope you enjoyed our list. Did we forget anything?